Volume 10: 2014-2016

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New late Miocene (latest Clarendonian and earliest Hemphillian) cricetid rodents from the upper part of the Dove Spring Formation, Mojave Desert, California Thomas S. Kelly and David P. Whistler   p. 1-48.   10-1 Kelly and Whistler 2014

Corrected dental measurements of Aulolithomys vexillames Korth and Emry (Rodentia, Eomyidae)   William Korth and Robert J. Emry  p. 49.    10-1 Korth and Emry 2014

Preliminary report on the mammals form Lane’s Little Jaw Site quarry: a latest Cretaceous (earliest Puercan?) local fauna, Hell Creek Formation southeastern Montana   Thomas Kelly  p. 50-91.  10-1 Kelly 2014

Marsupials for the Chadronian (latest Eocene) Medicine Pole Hills local fauna, North Dakota Allen Kihm and Karew K. Schumaker p. 93-112.   10-2 Kihm and Schumaker 2015

Mammals form the Blue Ash local fauna (late Oligocene), South Dakota. Additional specimens of Herpetotherium Cope (Marsupialia, Didelphidae)  William Korth  p. 113-118.  10-2 Korth 2015

A large forefin of Ichthyosaurus from the U.K., and estimates of the size range of the genus Judy A. Massare, Dean R. Lomax and Amanda Klein p. 119-135.    10-2 Massare Lomax and Klein 2015

Two three-dimensionally preserved teleost neurocania from the Corsicana Formation (Upper Cretaceous, Maestrichtian), Bextar County, Texas, U.S.A.  Tiffany M. Cowan and Christopher Fielitz   p. 137-144.  10-3 Cowan and Fielitz 2015

A new species of the sciurid rodent Cedromus Wilson, 1949 (Mammalia) from the Whitneyan (middle Oligocene) of South Dakota  William W. Korth  p. 145-148.  10-3 Korth 2015a

Chondrichthyans form a lag deposit between the Shark River Formation (middle Eocene) and Kirkwood formation (early Miocene), Monmouth County, New Jersey Harry M. Maisch IV, Martin A. Becker, and John A. Chamberlain, Jr.  p. 149-183.   10-3 Maisch et al 2015

Correction: Dental measurements of Herpetotherium fugax   William Korth p. 84.  10-3 Korth 2015b

First evidence of the zygomasseteric structure of Diplolophus Troxell, 1923, (Mammalia, Rodentia) and its systematic implications William W. Korth p. 185-188.   10-4 Korth 2016

Osteology of a complete skeleton of Dipoides stritoni (Rodentia, Castoridae) from the late Miocene of northern Oregon   James E. Martin and Shawna L. Johnson  p. 189-206.  10-4 Martin and Johnson 2016

Composite skeletons of Ichthyosaurus in historic collections  Judy A. Massare and Dean R. Lomax  p. 207-240   10-4 Massare and Lomax 2016


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