Volume 11: 2016-2018

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Mammals from the Blue Ash local fauna (Whitneyan, Oligocene), South Dakota. Rodentia part 7: additional Eutypomidae and Castoridae,  William Korth p. 1-7.    11-1 Korth 2016

New records of Epihippus (Equidae) and a rhinocerotoid perissodactyl from the middle Eocene Santiago Formation of southern California,  Thomas S. Kelly and Paul C. Murphey   p. 8-30.    11-1 Kelly and Murphey 2016

Author index to volumes 1 – 10 (1996-2016) p. 31-41.

New records of Kimbetohia campi and Xanclomys mcgrewi (Mammalia, Multituberculata) form the Fort Union Formation of the Great Divide Basin, Wyoming,   Donald Lofgren, Gabriel Gosney, Chloe Soltis, Kristina Oney, and Lauren West   p. 43-50.                     11-2 Lofgren et al 2017

Rodents (Mammalia) from the Pilgrim Creek local fauna, Wyoming: a mixed Eocene and Oligocene assemblage (Duchesnean to Whitneyan),  William Korth   p. 51-72.   11-2 Korth 2017

Correction to: A large forefin of Ichthyosaurus from the U.K., and estimates of the size range of the genus,  Judy A. Massare and Dean R. Lomax   p. 73-75.    11-2 Massare and Lomax 2017

Ontogenetic change in dental dimensions of the Oligocene (Orellan) leporid Palaeolagus Leidy (Mammalia, Lagomorpha) from Nebraska,  William Korth and Venu Dharapuri   p. 77-85.    11-3 Korth and Dhamapuri 2017

A rodent and a lagomorph (Mammalia) from Cameron Springs, Wyoming (Chadronian: latest Eocene) and the use of the occlusal wear pattern of cheek teeth in determining ontogenetic age of individuals of subhypsodont species,  William W. Korth, Laura. M. Gennaro, Elizabeth J. Hiwale, and Kendra A. Wienke p. 86-96.    11-3 Korth et al 2017

Stratigraphic distributions of Pleistocene (Irvingtonian and Rancholabrean NALMA) fossil remains at the classical Fossil Lake area, Lake County, Oregon,  James E. Martin   p. 97-123.   11-3 Martin 2017

Late Pleistocene megafauna from Mississippis alluvium plan gravel bars,  Nina Baghai-Riding, Danielle Husley, Christine Beck, and Eric Blackwell p. 124-147.    11-3 Baghai-Riding 2017

New records of multituberculate mammals form the Goler Formation (Tiffanian, Paleocene) of California,  Donald Lofgren, Randall L. Nydam, Maddie Gaumer, Elisa Kong, and Malcolm McKenna  p. 149-163.   11-4 Lofgren et al 2018

A second specimen of Protoichthyosaurus applebyi (Reptilia: Ichthyosauria) and additional information on the genus and species,  Dean Lomax and Judy A. Massare  p. 164-178.    11-4 Lomax and Massare 2018

Description of unusual pathological disorders on pubes and associated left femur from a Diplodocus specimen,  Ryan J. Clayton   p. 179-187.    11-4 Clayton 2018

Author index to volume 11 p. 188-189.




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