Volume 06: 2006-2008

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Correction: misidentification of “Monosaulax” valentinensisWilliam W. Korth  p. 1.  6-1-Korth 2006a

A new species of beaver (Rodentia, Castoridae) from the early Barstovian (Miocene) of Nebraska.      William W. Korth  p. 2-8.  6-1-Korth 2006b

Multituberculates from the Medicine Pole Hills local fauna (Chadronian) of Bowman County, North Dakota.   Karew K. Schumaker and Allen J. Kihm  p. 9-21.  6-1-Schumaker and Kih 2006

Read all about it! The interpretive value of newspaper from old unidentified dinosaur quarries and paleontological field camps in Alberta, Canada.  Darren H. Tanke   p. 22-30.  6-1-Tanke 2006

Mammals from the Blue Ash local fauna (late Oligocene), South Dakota. Rodentia, Part 1: families Eutypomyidae, Eomyidae, Heliscomyidae and Zetamys   William W. Korth  p. 31-40.  6-2 Korth 2007

Actinopterygian fishes from the Upper Cretaceous rocks in Alabama, with emphasis on the teleostean genus Enchodus    Jason P. Schein and Ronald D. Lewis  p. 41-86.  6-2 Schein and Lewis 2007

New western hemisphere occurrences of Schizorhyza Weiler, 1930 and Eotorpedo White, 1934 (Chondrichthyes, Batomorphii)      James L. Knight, David J. Cicimurri, and Robert W. Purdy   p. 87-93.  6-2 Knight et al 2007

Rediscovery of Wilbur Knight’s Meglaneusaurus rex site: new material from an old pit William R. Wahl, Mike Ross, and Judy A. Massare     p. 94-104.   6-2-Wahl et al 2007

The late Cretaceous lamniform shark, (Agassiz) from the Mooreville Chalk of Alabama Kenshu Shimada and Davin D. Brereton     p. 105-110.  6-3 Shimada and Brereton 2007

Mammals from the Blue Ash local fauna (late Oligocene), South Dakota, Marsupialia and Lagomorpha     William W. Korth     p. 111-117.  6-3 Korth 2007a

A new genus of heliscomyid rodent (Rodentia, Geomyoidea, Heliscomyidae) based on cranial morphology     William W. Korth     p. 118-124.   6-3 Korth 2007b

A new species of Bensonomys (Rodentia, Cricetidae) from the late early Hemphillian (late Miocene) Coal Valley Formation, Smith Valley, Nevada     Thomas S. Kelly     p. 125-138.  6-3 Kelly 2007

Generic allocation and probable horizon of occurrence of the enigmatic geomyoid rodent Diplolophus parvusTroxell from northeastern Colorado     William W. Korth     p. 139-143.  6-4 Korth 2008a

EarlyArikareean (late Oligocene) Eomyidae (Mammalia, Rodentia) from Nebraska      William W. Korth   p. 144-154.   6-4-Korth 2008b

Hemphillian rodents from northern Oregon and their biostratigraphic implications  James E. Martin     p. 155-190.   6-4 Martin 2008

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