Volume 12: 2018-2020

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Oligocene (Orellian-Whitneyan) cricetid rodents (Mammalia: Rodentia) from Sioux County, Nebraska,  William W. Korth  p. 1-12.      12-1 Korth 2018

A geochronologic and biochronologic reevaluation of the Coal Valley Formation, Lyon and Mineral counties, west-central Nevada,  Thomas S. Kelly p. 13-42.    12-1 Kelly 2018

Second record of a bat (Mammalia, Chiroptera) from the Whitneyan (Middle Oligocene) of North America,  William W. Korth  p. 43-45.    12-2 Korth 2019a

A late Pleistocene record of Drymarchon sp. (Serpentes: Colubridae: Colubrinae)
from South Carolina,  James L. Knight and David Cicimurri  p. 46-52.    12-2 Knight & Cicimuri 2019

Rodents (Mammalia) from the Mill Point local fauna (Oligocene) of Montana, William W. Korth  p. 53-67.    12-2 Korth 2019b

Vertebrate trace fossils in the Mowry Shale (Lower Cretaceous) of Wyoming, USA,  Melissa V. Connely  p.68-82.     12-2 Connely 2019

Small mammals of the Horse locality fauna (latest Chadronian: Eocene), Cypress Hills Formation,  John E. Storer  p. 87-108.    12-3 Storer 2019

Teleost abdominal centra from the bell river Group of Alberta, Canada,  Donald B. Brinkman  p. 190-152.    12-3 Brinkman 2019

Duchesnean (middle Eocene) through Arikareean (early Miocene) biostratigraphic distribution of rodent taxa in North America,  Clint A. Boyd   p. 153-170.    12-3 Boyd 2019


James Gilbert Honey,  Louis H. Taylor, Lawrence J. Flynn, L. L. Jacobs, and H. A. Baskin   p. 171-174.    12-4 Taylor et al 2020

A new large body helohyid (Artiodactyla) form the Bridgerian middle Eocene
Washakie Formation of southern Wyoming,  Benjamin J. Burger and Lea Ann Jolley  p. 175-184.    12-4 Burger & Jolley 2020

Additions to the Pliocene (late Blancan) vertebrate faun of the Saint David Formation In the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation area, Arizona,  Nicholas J. Czaplewski  p. 185-222.    12-4 Czaplewski 2020

Mustelidae form Observation Quarry (early Barstovian) of Nebraska, with comments on Sheep Creek and Lower Snake Creek mustelids,  Jon A. Baskin   p. 223-246.    12-4 Baskin 2020

Siwalik fossil Soricidae: a calibration point for the molecular phylogeny of SuncusLawrence J. Flynn, Louis L. Jacobs, Yuri Kimura, Louis H. Taylor and Yukimitsu Tomida  p. 247-258.    12-4 Flynn et al 2020

A brief history of vertebrate paleontology and the growth of the collection at the University of Arizona, Jessica A. Harrison, Jeffrey J. Saunders, and Everett H. Lindsay  p. 259-262.    12-4 Harrison et al 2020

Eocene and Oligocene mammals form the Gravelly Range of southwest Montana, Donald Lofgren, Debra Hanneman, Jackson Bibbens, Liam Gerken, Frank Hu, Anthony Runkel, Isabella Kong, Andrew Tarakji, Aspen Helgeson, Isabel Gerard, Rouqi Li, Sihan Li, and Zhihan Ji  p. 263-297.    12-4 Lofgren et al 2020

A new genus of cricetid rodent (Rodentia: Cricetidae) from the Clarendonian (late Miocene) of North America and a consideration of sigmodontine origins,  Robert A. Martin, Pablo Pelaez-Comopomanes, Christophe Ronez, Franck Barbiere, Thomas S. Kelly, Everett H. Lindsay, Jon A. Baskin, Nicholas J. Czaplewski, and Ulyses F. Pardisinas  p. 298-329.    12-4 Martin et al 2020

New records of late Pleistocene ungulates (Bootherium and Tapirus) from north central Texas, Dale A. Winkler and Alisa J. Winkler  p. 330-341.   12-4 Winkler & Winkler 2020 

Author Index to Volume 12  p. 342-344.

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