Volume 09: 2012-2014

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Aplodontid rodents (Mammalia) from the Orellan (early Oligocene) Canyon Ferry fauna of Montana   William W. Korth  p. 1-6.  9-1 Korth 2012a

Two new rodents (Mammalia) from the Chadronian (latest Eocene) of Montana and Wyoming   William W. Korth  p. 7-12.  9-1 Korth 2012b

Further notes on the Port Kennedy Cave arvicolid rodents   Robert A. Martin p. 13-20.  9-1 Martin 2012

Ontogeny of the shoulder in Polycotylus latipinnus (Plesiosauria: Polycotylidae) and its bearing on plesiosaur viviparity Robin O’Keefe and Christina Byrd   p. 21-31.  9-1 OKeefe and Byrd 2012

Gastric contents of a plesiosaur from the Sundance Formation (Jurassic), Hot Springs County, Wyoming, and implications for the paleobiology of cryptocleidid plesiosaurs   William R. Wahl   p. 32-39.  9-1 Wahl 2012

Rodents from the Chadronian (latest Eocene) Medicine Pole Hills local fauna, North Dakota. Part 2. Ischyromyidae, Sciruavidae, Aplodontidae, Sciuridae and Heliscomyidae Allen J. Kihm   p. 41-55.  9-2 Kihm 2013

New records of small mammals form the latest Uintan (middle Eocene) Strathearn local fauna, Sespe Formation, California   Thomas S. Kelly   p. 56-69.  9-2 Kelly 2013a

New Hemphillian (late Miocene) rodents from the Coal Valley Formation, Smith Valley, Nevada   Thomas S. Kelly   p. 70-96.  9-2 Kelly 2013b

A new specimen of the elasmosaurid plesiosaur Zarafasaura oceanis from the Upper Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) of Morocco   Dean R. Lomax and William R. Wahl  p. 97-109.  9-2 Lomax and Wahl 2013

Review of Paradjidaumo Burke (Rodentia, Eomyidae) from the Eocene and Oligocene (Duchesnean-Whitneyan) of North America  William W. Korth  p. 111-126.  9-3 Korth 2013a

A new species of Protospermophilus Gazin (Rodentia, Sciuridae) from the Miocene of Nebraska William Korth  p. 127-130.  9-3 Korth 2013b

Plesiosaurian remains form the Arkadelphia Formation – Midway Group contact.(Maastrichtian-Paleocene) Hot Spring Count, near Malvern, Arkansas, U.S.A Martin A. Becker, Harry M. Maisch, IV, and John A. Chamberlain, Jr.   p. 131-143.  9-3 Becker et al 2013

Morphology of the caudal vertebrate in Rhomaleosaurus zetlandicus and areview of the evidence for the tail fin in Plesiosauria  Adam S. Smith  p. 144-158.  9-3 Smith 2013

Size and shape variation in the late Pleistocene pine vole (Mammalia: Arvicolidae: Pitymys pinetorum) first lower molars form three caves in Kentucky and Georgia   Robert A. Martin and Kaitlin O’ Bryan  p. 159-166  9-4 Martin and O’Bryan 2014

Late Neogene beaver Dipoides from the Pipe Creek Sinkhole of Grant County, Indiana Robert A. Martin  p. 167-175.  9-4 Martin 2014

First occurrence of plesiadapiform primates from the Chadronian (latest Eocene) Allen J. Kihm and Matthew A. Tornow   p. 176-182.  9-4 Kihm and Tornow 2014

Chondrichthyans form the Tallahatta-Lisbon Formationcontact (Middle Eocene), Silas, Choctaw County, Alabama Harry M. Maisch, IV, Martin A. Becker, Ben W. Raines and John A. Chamberlain, Jr.   p. 183-209.  9-4 Maisch et al 2014

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