Volume 08: 2010-2012

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First report of fossil Amphiuma (Amphibia: Caudata: Amphiumidae) from South Carolina, USA     James L. Knight and David Cicimurri p. 1-7.    8-1 Knight and Cicimurri 2010

Mammals from the Blue Ash local fauna (late Oligocene), South Dakota. Rodentia, Part 6: Family Castoridae and additional Eomyidae with a summary of the complete rodent fauna     William W. Korth p. 8-13.  8-1 Korth 2010

North American Promimomys immigration event     Robert A. Martin   p. 14-21.  8-1 Martin 2010

An Ichthyosaurus (Reptilia, Ichthyosauria) with gastric contents from Charmouth, England: first report of the genus from the Pliensbachian     Dean R. Lomax     p. 22-36. 8-1 Lomax 2010 

Fossil chimaeroid remains (Chondrichthyes: Holocephali) from Williamsburg County, South Carolina, USA     David J. Cicimurri     p. 37-48.  8-1 Cicimurri 2010

New records of Rodentia from the Duchesnean (middle Eocene) Simi Valley landfill local fauna, Sespe Formation, California      Thomas S. Kelly     p. 49-73.  8-1 Kelly 2010

Rodents from the chadronian (latest Eocene) Medicine Pole Hills local fauna, North Dakota. Part 1. Eutypomyidae, Cylindrodontidae and Pipestoneomys      Allen J. Kihm         p. 75-90.   8-2 Kihm 2011

Herpetofauna of the late Miocene Sappa Creek fauna, northwestern Kansas    J. Alan Holman, Leslie P. Fay and William W. Korth    p. 91-99.  Holman et al 2011

Large ichthyosaurian remains from the La Casita type locality (Tithonian, Upper Jurassic), Coahuila, Mexico    Marie-Celine Buchy and Anabel Covarrubias Cervantes p. 100-105.   8-2 Buchy and Cervantes 2011

Early Coniacian (late Cretaceous) selachian fauna from the basal Atco Formation, Lower Austin Group, northcentral Texas    Shawn A. Hamm and David J. Cicimurri     p. 107-127.   8-3 Hamm and Cicimurri 2011

Small mammals from the Sespe Formation (Arikareean) of Canada Chiquita. Orange County, California     Thomas S. Kelly p. 128-141.   8-3 Kelly 2011

A reevaluation of the mammalian fauna from the Hallelujah Formation, Long Valley, Lassen County, California  Thomas S. Kelly and Ross Secord  p. 142-154.   8-3 Kelly and Secord 2011 

Vertebrate paleontology of the late Miocene (Hemphillian) Wilbur Locality of central Washington    James E. Martin and V. Standish Mallory  p.155-185.  8-3 Martin and Mallory 2011

A late Clarendonian local fauna from the Goliad Formation of south Texas   Jon A. Baskin and Richard C. Hulburt, Jr.   p. 187-193.   8-4 Baskin and Hulbert 2012  

Osteichthyans from the Paleocene Clayton Limestone of the Midway Group, Host Spring County, Arkansas, USA: bony fish evolution across the Cretaceous-Paleocene boundary    Martin A. Becker and John A. Chamberlain, Jr.    p. 194-207.   8-4 Becker and Chamberlain 2012

New records of small mammals from the middle Eocene Duchesne River Formation, Utah, and their implications for the Uintan-Duchesnean North American Land Mammal Age     Thomas S. Kelly, Paul C. Murphey, and Stephen L. Walsh     p. 208-251.  8-4  Kelly et al 2012

Salt gland structures identified in a late Jurassic ichthyosaur, Ophthalmosaurus natans   William R. Wahl   p. 252-262.   8-4 Wahl 2012 

The first reported Leptonectes (Reptilia: Ichthyosauria) with two associated embryos, from Somerset, England   Dean R. Lomax and Judy A. Massare  p. 263-276.   8-4 Lomax and Massare 2012 

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